10 June 2017 | Scott Ward

By Design Partners Selected to Design New Responsive Website for one8o°
A Feature-rich WordPress Template Will Help Make This Project Budget Friendly and Fun

We’re diving into a new project for one8o°. By Design Partners created one8o°’s brand identity — and their first website — in 2009. Since then, one8o° has grown into a highly-respected boutique search firm. The new responsive website for one8o° isn’t truly intended to drive new business. Most, if not all of the firm’s assignments are generated through word-of-mouth referrals. But their new website will be an important brand building tool that current and prospective clients can visit to get a solid understanding of the firm, its people, the clients it serves, and the type of high-level assignments it takes on.

It’s not a high-budget assignment or a large website, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a great website. We think we’ll use the popular responsive Avada WordPress template from theme-fusion.com. The challenge will be to style it so that it doesn’t look like every other responsive website on the internet. You know, the websites with the sliders and three or four columns with icons and counters and tiny unreadable type set at ungodly long line lengths. Well, I’m sure you’ve seen them. We’ve all seen them. They’re everywhere. So, we’re ready for the challenge, and looking forward to launching and sharing the finished website with you.

We’re also eager to collaborate once again with the immensely talented photographer, Bill Burlingham. Our relationship with Bill goes back to 1980. Bill always puts his subjects at ease while creating amazing images of them. You can view a portion of his work on his website burlingham.com.

Photo of iPhone with new website design.
While still in the design/development stage, the new website for one8o° will be responsive and highly interactive.
Visit the one8o° Search portfolio page to view the finished website!
19 May 2017 | Scott Ward

Installing WordPress on your Mac can be really complicated if you don’t understand the steps involved. And I didn’t. So I searched the internet and was somewhat overwhelmed by what I found, including the videos on YouTube that were either too difficult to follow, or not complete enough to be of much help to me. A bit frustrated, I then stumbled up on this little gem from skillcrush.com. I think it’s the best explanation out there. At least it’s the best explanation I’ve found. I followed the directions step by step, and it works! (www.skillcrush.com)

Photo of woman installing WordPress on her computer.
Installing WordPress on my Mac was a lot easier than I thought it would be.
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18 May 2017 | Scott Ward

By Design Partners was recently engaged in a brand identity assignment for FPL Advisory Group. The organization has a 25+ year history and is made up of four companies, which offer professional services in executive and director recruitment; leadership consulting; compensation consulting; and organizational, financial & strategic consulting. Somewhat confused and overwhelmed? Yeah, we were too.

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06 November 2015 | Scott Ward
Photo of the monument's dedication, November 1915
The dedication of the monument, November, 1915

I am honored to have been selected to help promote the rededication of The Rifleman in my hometown of Great Bend, Kansas. The Barton County Historical Society Museum and Village contacted me and asked for a poster to help commemorate the rededication of the 100 year old sculpture located north of the courthouse in Jack Kilby square. Jack Kilby won a Nobel Prize in physics for inventing the first integrated circuit (microchip), and attended school in Great Bend — but I digress. I remember looking at the statue high on its pedestal in my youth, and of course every time I was walking by the court house square I saw it. But I never really paid that much attention to it — or its significance — until today. A highlight of working on the project? Discovering two ancestors (both soldiers) listed among the veterans who served and fought to preserve the union.

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02 January 2015 | Scott Ward

Iknow I am not alone in acknowledging that, as a designer, I find it hardest of all to design and produce my own marketing materials. I am never entirely comfortable tooting my own horn. Between the perennial refinements and my sometimes-painful perfectionism, I am, unquestionably, my most difficult client. Then, there’s the time element. Inevitably, another, more pressing, more time-sensitive project jumps to the head of the line. So, like the cobbler whose children have no shoes, I am — like many of my colleagues — the first to put off this most demanding assignment.

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