Women Investment Professionals
A New Vision and Brand Identity, and a New Website

Established in 1996, Women Investment Professionals (WIP) began as a small, loosely knit group of about 15 Chicago area women investment professionals on the institutional side of the business. This small group of women found that creating networking opportunities helped them exchange ideas, and develop personal connections with industry colleagues.

In 2011, working with senior WIP leadership, By Design Partners helped WIP refine its mission and vision, and designed a new brand identity and tagline to reflect the aspirational nature of its membership comprised of aspiring women. A new website was designed and developed that would serve as a knowledge center and forum for not only WIP members — but women around the world — seeking information, networking, and personal and professional development opportunities within the professional investment community.

Today, WIP Chicago is a nonprofit professional women’s organization with more than 240 members representing over $22 trillion in assets that supports women across the financial services industry by providing networking, professional and personal development opportunities, mentoring, and education programs.

Women Investment Professionals Logo
The new Women Investment Professionals logo with tagline (top), and the twenty-year celebration logo.
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