The Smart Cube
Magazine and Infographic Design

The Smart Cube is a leading global professional services firm that specializes in delivering custom research and analytics services to management consultants, financial services firms, and corporations. The firm helps organizations and their CMO’s make critical decisions across four key business areas: Procurement and Supply Chain; Strategy and Marketing; Financial Services; and Analytics. Founded in 2003, The Smart Cube has conducted more than 28,000 studies across virtually every major industry, function, and region, through its global network of more than 650 analysts.

Cubisms is a periodic magazine published by The Smart Cube. Using established brand standards and guidelines, By Design Partners conceived and designed Volume 4 / Issue 1 as an informal and informative scholarly research journal, which presents The Smart Cube’s analyst’s research findings, and a host of innovative ideas and insights, while encouraging The Smart Cube’s clients to think differently.

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Magazine / research scholarly journal design (above). The sales brochure (below) incorporates an infographic, and is used by team members to show CMO’s who are rethinking their marketing analytics, where The Smart Cube’s specialists work with global retailers across the entire retail analytics spectrum.
Interior of brochure