Nomadic Consulting
Branding Diversity in a Global Economy

Aretained executive search firm, Nomadic Diversity Solutions personified diversity and turned to By Design Partners to help it develop a corporate strategy and a clear mission and vision. Through deep interviews with the CEO and employees, By Design Partners discovered that Nomadic had the potential to become — through its commitment to diversity — a global matchmaker to bring companies, governments, groups, and individuals together in unexpected and innovative ways.

Nomadic was restructured into four separate but interwoven business divisions operating under the Nomadic Consulting umbrella. By Design Partners developed the marketing strategy, a brand identity that convey’s Nomadic’s global reach, named products and services, and created the tagline “Move With Purpose”, which gave new meaning and understanding to the Nomadic name.

The stationery program, which includes extensive internal and external business forms and proposal templates, was created for each operating division under the Nomadic corporate umbrella. A corporate capabilities brochure Regarding Diversity, provides a brief overview of Nomadic’s businesses, and positions Nomadic as a thought leader and business solutions provider. Become Nomadic, a book that uses storytelling to convey the CEO’s goals sets forth a clear business strategy and describes company operations through the lens of diversity. It also serves as an employee recruitment brochure while conveying Nomadic’s mission to change the way its clients — and people everywhere — regard diversity in a global economy.

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Nomadic Consulting strategy and corporate mission/vision brochure.
Nomadic Consulting corporate capabilities / overview brochure.
  • Page from Nomadic Consulting Standards Manual
  • Page from Nomadic Consulting Standards Manual
  • Page from Nomadic Consulting Standards Manual
  • Nomadic Consulting T-shirt
  • Nomadic Consulting Move Withe Purpose Tagline
  • Page from Nomadic Consulting Pocket Folder Cover
  • Page from Nomadic Consulting Pocket Folder Interior
  • Nomadic Diversity Solutions Letterhead, Envelope, and Business Card
  • Nomadic Consulting Business Cards
  • Nomadic Consulting: Topic Diversity Logotype
  • Holiday Card Front Cover
  • Holiday Card Interior